The Clone Wars have ended. The Jedi plot to usurp the rightful government of the Republic has failed, and that failure spelled the death of that order. All across the galaxy, world after world has submitted to the might of Palpaltine’s Galactic Empire. Order has been restored to the galaxy.

And yet, in the depths of the Imperial capital, Coruscant, lies a world unseen by those whose conflict lay among the stars; a world of neon and smog, gangsters and thieves, of drugs and vice, where life is cheap and power is just a blaster shot away for the greedy and ambitious. The rule of Palpaltine is meaningless here, in the shadows of power; here the streets are ruled by petty crime lords who squabble and squawk among themselves for every scrap and morsel of strength they can muster. Amidst the squalor and the grandeur of the Coruscant Undercity, anyone can be a king – or remain hidden forever, given the right price….

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights